Saturday, January 23, 2010

Motivation in Reading

Although Curly Miss is picking up on the concepts and skills of reading with surprising speed, she still hasn't caught the reading bug. She doesn't enjoy reading books for pleasure, something that I acquired around age 3. She likes to be read to, particularly if there are lots of pictures, but she hasn't found the joy of words making pictures in her imagination out of a book.


Hubby and I wracked our brains to think of a book with enough text and few enough pictures that something along those lines might happen, but still easy enough to be accessible for her reading level. We also needed content that would capture her interest. He chose a Speed Racer book and ordered it from


Now instead of us initiating the reading practice sessions, she follows us around like a lost puppy, holding her new book and begging us to help her read the next chapter. Is it stretching her imagination to the point where the magic of books takes hold and she is a reading addict like the rest of us? Well, that remains to be seen. But it's definitely a step in the right direction.


On the Little Mister front, he is begging me to teach him how to read too. Having a big sister leading the way makes motivating him easy. So I bought him a workbook at Wal-Mart and started doing a few formal teaching sessions with him, mostly working on letter sounds and counting. So far he soaks it up like a dry sponge. I have a feeling getting him hooked on books won't be hard at all.

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  1. Very cool. My kids were also early readers, and they also don't really enjoy reading for fun. Isaiah is probably the worst. I ask him to read for 15 minutes a day, and he whines. I'm going to have to start finding a lot of books to motivate him to read for fun. He got some Cars books for Christmas, and he likes those.

    BTW, I saw your hubby today after I got done with the parade and was getting ready to pull out. He didn't even recognize me at first, lol. He was probably wondering why this weird person was waving at him through the windows. Anyway, I told him to give the family my love. So hopefully he did! ;) If not, I love ya!