Saturday, January 9, 2010


As a treat today, I got to drive down to L-town to hang out with my mom and sister for the day. My wonderful Hubby played Mr. Mom while I had a girls' day out. I almost didn't know what to do with myself, shedding responsibilities with the miles as I drove, pretending I was in college again with not a care in the world, ready to have a good time.

Arriving in town, I first met Mom then together we went to pick up Sis at her new apartment. I was soon informed that our first stop was a salon where eyebrow waxing was on the menu. My Sis, brat that she is, lost no time in insisting that I get waxed along with the two of them as my black, bushy eyebrows, overgrown and lush as they are were embarrassing her and for her to comfortably be seen around town with me I'd need to fix them. I retorted that they were my furry pets and on no account was I going to mutilate them for her sake.

I had never had my eyebrows waxed, although I had considered doing it from time to time. I inherited my father's eyebrows, both in color and in the shape that would do a Vulcan proud. They grow down toward our noses in a sort of unibrow while the outside edges continue up toward our hairlines like Spock's famous V-brows.

While I was a little concerned about a wax job hurting, the main thing that held me back from actually doing it was the idea of the salon girl's gasp of horror when she saw my facial hair. Today, though, with my Sis's insistence that I ought to do it, I reluctantly tagged along, maintaining my stance that I had actually adopted my eyebrows as pets.

Fate stepped in to save me from myself, however. As we walked through the door, the first thing to greet us was a large sign in bold black-and-white letters. NO PETS. The three of us burst out laughing, drawing blank stares from the other normal human beings who populated the salon.

"That's it," Sis told me. "They've got to go."

With such a clear sign I had no choice but to agree with her. I submitted to my very first ever eyebrow wax. My pets are groomed and my only problem now is that I'm going to want to do it again in six weeks, but spend the money I probably won't.

Well, for a few weeks I won't be a Vulcan.


  1. HA! HA! HA! HA! Now that's a funny story. You know... in six weeks you can probably just tweeze the hairs that are coming back, at home, in your bathroom, for free :)
    Erin (Montreal)

  2. Too funny! I also submitted myself to an eyebrow waxing this summer. My sister also paid to have it done. I would also like to have it done again, but probably won't due to not wanting to pay for it. And tweezing is a lot of work and it's painful! We can be in the furry pet eyebrows club together. ;). I'm glad you got to have a girlfriends day with just your mom and sister! I really want to do that sometime!

  3. Okay, you can't do a post like this without pictures! I need to see the new brows! I'm so proud of you and if you like it, you should keep it up.

  4. I get the wax strips that you can buy at wal-mart for like $4. They are usually one one of the hanging thingys in the beauty isles. That works great until I can justify spending the money at the salon.

  5. I have been blessed with not bad eyebrows, so really not necessary. Please don't hurt me! I have plenty of other issues to make up for it!

  6. I had it done at the beauty school once... There is a reason I only went there once. I love getting my eyebrows done though!