Friday, January 29, 2010

Four Months


(Here are the three months and before pictures.)

Now, take a look at this!


Methinks somebody has learned to be a ham for the camera. As soon as I pull it out he turns on the charm. He cracks me up!


For fun, here is Curly Miss at 4.5 months, rolling over for the first time. Back in 2005. My, time flies.

And here is Little Mister at 4.5 months. Look at those cheeks! He was a chunky monkey. Well, he still is. Built like a brick. Baby Bear feels surprisingly like him... very solid.


  1. Cute! He's going to grow right off that blanket before you know it! Actually, he will probably just flip over and crawl off it. I had the hardest time taking those monthly pictures of Jayden after he started crawling.

    Love the pics of your other two at that age, too! Brings back memories!