Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bathroom Facelift: Mural


With a little blue paint and a little white paint on a paper plate, I went for it. Sweeping strokes made wispy clouds in a blue sky that's the RIGHT color!


Rather than getting a whole quart, my budget reminded me to just get a little jar of sample paint. It was called something along the lines of "whispering sand". I wondered if our bathroom mural would now have whispers coming from the mural, to accompany the ghost in the shower.


Once the whispering sand was dry, it was time to add some definition, sea grass and a couple if little, far-away birds. For the birds, I used a bit of black paint out of my kids' craft box, you know, the kind that has several tiny cups of bright colors all hooked together in a row like a weekly pill organizer. Michelangelo would roll over in his grave if he knew, so we won't tell him. I always say, it's the quality of the brush, not the quality of the paint, at least for far-away birds.


Right after I took the outlet cover off and while the paint was still wet, my older son decided he needed to use the loo. Of course as any paranoid mother would, I imagined curious three-year-old fingers poking into the hole or dragging through the wet paint. So I did as any paranoid mother would do: I sent Hubby in with him.


With much measuring, drilling, screwing, snapping, grunting, pulling and tugging, I got the towel rod installed. It's a good thing Little Mister was still sitting on the toilet kicking me in the back of the knees while I did it because I was really tempted to use some choice words in regards to a wall-anchor but his little presence in the room kept me from straying.


Now I have one whole wall done! My plan is to clean up the mess and enjoy it for a while before diving into the next wall, tackling the rusty vent and the new light fixtures. Also my blog might self-destruct if I don't resume posting goomba pictures. So we'll go back into my bathroom next week. It's been fun so far!

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  1. Looks great! You are so talented. I'm definitely going to have to recruit your artistic ability if and when I get to remodel a room in my house.