Sunday, December 6, 2009


One drawback of my laundry system is that I have to keep only the most commonly worn clothing down in the laundry room since there is very little space there. This means using only clothing for the current season.

Twice a year this necessitates me going through everyone's drawers and cleaning out the previous season's clothes along with anything that has been outgrown or never worn this year. Somehow I find this increasingly hard to do as the kids get bigger and I have more kids. It seems like every time I turn around, their drawers are crammed fuller. How do these children get SO many clothes? My grandparents in the 1930's had two outfits, one to wash and one to wear. Why then do my children own so many different outfits that they could wear a new one each day for a month?

Yesterday I got fed up and brought ALL of the laundry into the living room in a pile on the rug in front of the fire (it's eleven degrees Fahrenheit out there at the moment, so the back porch is too chilly) and Hubby has been helping me sort, one basket at a time. Poor Curly still had shorts in her drawer.

Now I am back down to reasonable amounts of clothing and pajamas and the rest has been stowed in storage. Some days I long for a simpler, uncluttered lifestyle, free of the piles of STUFF we seem to accumulate so readily. Not that I am longing for the financial hardships of the 1930's but the idea of two outfits and one or two toys per kid sounds really appealing. Unfortunately if I imposed that on my family my kids would think they were undergoing some sort of punitive torture and cultural depravity. There has got to be something fundamentally wrong with our culture: we are so materialistic that not having absolutely ridiculous amounts of possessions is seen as deprived.


  1. So true! I like many clothes options, but when it comes to dishes, I feel that way. I'm always amazed at how many glasses and cups my family can go through in one day. We are very spoiled.

  2. Boy do I hear you! I feel like we are drowning in clothes and toys around here. It seems I have a constant pile of things to go too.
    I have been considering a family challenge of packing stuff up and living minimally for a month to see what its like. hhmmm...

  3. My problem is we have too many of some things and not enough of others and I'm afraid that if I get rid of stuff I won't have enough of that! I know. I need to learn to trust God to take care of us. Josh says I have to get rid of some clothes, though. He will not allow piles of clothes even if we need them! He won't let me keep clothes that the kids have not grown into yet!