Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby Laughter


Aren't two-month-old baby smiles the cutest thing you've ever seen? Let's get this one a little closer.


Apparently Daddy's theology blogs are hilarious because Baby Bear was laughing like crazy while reading them.


Grin. Smile. Giggle. Laugh. Yesterday in church he was distracting everyone within five pews during the sermon. Of course a laughing baby is almost impossible to ignore.


This time he was joining the older two in watching Kipper the Dog on my computer. Kipper went to a costume party, which meant the kids had to dress in costume as well, Curly in her usual Fire Dog suit and Little Mister in his "clown costume". Baby Bear, on the other hand was going through bibs like nobody's business; as soon as I got a clean on him he'd urp on it and then laugh at me. Silly kid.


  1. How cute! I'm sorry I missed church on Sunday, so didn't get to enjoy Baby Bear's giggling. I love newborn giggles!

  2. Oh we were visiting my sister's church down in the Valley, so you would not have caught us anyway! Maybe next week... I am sure the giggling will continue. :)

  3. Baby Bear looks like a little happy buddha statue! Way too cute. :)