Friday, December 4, 2009

Math Immersion

bDSC00586Yesterday I gave Curly the first Miquon Math book. I'd heard good things about this hands-on math curriculum so I ordered the book and let her try it. In general she seems to eat up numbers and counting like candy, but I have held off on getting a formal math curriculum (other than a couple of Wal-mart workbooks) because I felt she was too young and did not want her to get frustrated.

I needn't have worried. She dove into the Orange book and in one day did fourteen pages. She only quit when her neck started hurting from sitting at the table too long. This kid loves a mental challenge and math tickles her brain like nothing else. I was worried when I started homeschooling that she would drag her feet at formal instruction; instead I cannot seem to keep up with her.

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  1. That's cool! My kids really love math, too! Kyrie will soon be completing 3rd grade math and entering into 4th grade Math in January. I'm so glad that I can follow the pace that she can do things at. In public schools if the work isn't challenging enough, their solution is usually to just give them extra work- as opposed to putting them at the level that they are truly at. I'm so thankful for this aspect of homeschooling!