Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lights Parade!


Late last evening two excited children walked downtown with their parents through the sharp, cold night to watch the Christmas Lights Parade. As usual we barely made it there in time to see it, too late to find our friends who were also there watching, but our neighbors came with us, so we had some friends anyway.


Although elves walked by handing out candy, Curly Miss was interested in something else coming down the road.




Little Mister joyfully collected peppermints and candy canes, chocolate balls and Tootsie Rolls.


Baby Bear snuggled down in his warm coat and went to sleep. After the parade was over, we popped in to the Mexican restaurant downtown and treated ourselves to fajitas. What a fun evening!


  1. Glad you guys made it! I looked around to see if I could see you, but we missed you guys!

  2. Oh, we were there! I was there early cause my little Cub Scout was in the parade. Actually, only Chloe and I were watching. Jeremiah and Josh were in the parade and Angela was at Hockey practice. Chloe wasn't aggressive enough about getting candy, so she hardly got anything. She wanted me to yell for her and I tried, but they ignored me, of course, cause I'm an adult.

  3. We went to the Clarkston one. I didn't know Moscow had a Christmas light parade.