Monday, December 7, 2009

Kitchen Refresh

It appears that whoever built our house was part gnome since they deliberately built the kitchen counter tops low. In contrast, hubby and I are both tall enough to kill spiders on the ceiling without a step stool, so we both get a backache trying to perform basic kitchen tasks like using a cutting board.


So I have been experimenting with an old table left over from our trailer days, attempting to make it into a higher workstation in the middle of our somewhat small kitchen. Today after several failed attempts, I think I made something that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb yet still functions as it is intended.


Since I was taking over part of the counter space, I went ahead and scrubbed and rearranged every appliance on our counter. It took all morning and by the time I was done, I cursed the part of my personality that insists on thoroughness.


Since not everyone in our family is skyscraper height, I was happy to discover a slide-out cutting board that will function at kid-height. As I pulled it out and fastened a screw onto it for a stop, old memories of eating lunch on Grandma Doh's pull-out cutting board as a child flooded over me.


I also stowed all the kid dishes in a lower cupboard for easy access. Now small helpers can set the table with their own cutlery and dishes as well as create tasty peanut butter crackers for a snack.


This is my official dust gauge. The laundry room being so close to the kitchen means that the kitchen gets dusty and covered with lint in 3.4 seconds. Sometimes I don't notice things like the top of the fridge until I see this colander covered with a layer of gray. Then I know everything, fan included, is probably coated. Yuck.


Guess what's in the Pooh honey pot? A can of baby formula! Is it just me or they go out of their way to make formula cans as unattractive as they possibly can, ensuring that people using them have a counter full of garish cardboard and aluminum? Solution.


Despite what this looks like, I don't have a fetish for collecting garbage cans. Nor are they my imaginary friends. This is our sorting-and-recycling station where, instead of feeling guilty for throwing the green bean can in the garbage, I can forget and throw it in the garbage anyway, but not feel guilty since I have a recycling station.


This New and Improved Kitchen Layout has a place for mail to pile up. Perfect. Oh, and we can also charge our cell phones.


My kitchen is currently so clean it glows and angels sing when I walk into it. So although I'm excited to try out my new worktable, I don't want to get it messy for a least a couple of hours. Time to go park on the couch again and feed the baby.


  1. I always say, why cook when the kitchen's clean! Let it stay that way!

  2. I'm so impressed that you did all that with 3 small children in the house, let alone a baby! I'm in awe. It looks great.