Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Imaginary Camping

Last night Hubby took Little Mister out on a "date" while Curly, Baby Bear and I kept the home fires burning. We decided we needed something special to occupy us while they were gone, but with the temperatures dropping into the single digits, it was going to have to be something at home.


With a blazing fire in the fireplace, the thing we hit upon was cooking our dinner over the "campfire." It looks like Curly is going to be as much of a pyromaniac as I am; we both absolutely love fire.


So I got busy, collecting dishes from the camping box, provisions from the kitchen and kneeling on the hearth. Curly dictated the menu which must, of course, include hot chocolate.


We opened a can of green beans and set it heating. Then we grated cheese and made quesadillas in the other pan.


Curly, meanwhile, worked on stirring the chocolate and commenting on how hot the fire was against her face.


Baby Bear sat in his bouncy chair in the warm glow of the fire. I didn't want him too close where a spark could get him, but I noticed that the frigid temperatures were causing the corners of the room to be chilly, so I found a spot, pretty much under the Christmas tree where he'd be safe and warm.


We finished our chef's delights and partook. When a meal is cooked over the smoky heat of an open fire, it takes on a flavor like no other; even if the food is simple in the extreme, it tastes wonderful! Curly kept pretending the house was a tent, but the fact that it has a basement made it somehow not fit her perfectionist view of things and it had to change to being a cabin.


After dinner we sat in the warmth together with just the Christmas lights making the room glow and sipped our hot chocolate. I listened while Curly chattered about anything and everything on her mind. By the time the menfolk returned, I felt as though we had been on a date together too.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! Your kids are so fortunate to have such a creative mom!

  2. How sweet! I am terrified of fire and in the spring we may be moving into a house that is partially heated by a woodstove! Maybe you and Curly Miss can come over and light the woodstove for me, so my blood pressure doesn't go through the roof while I'm trying to light it!