Friday, December 11, 2009

Evening Practices

family violin practice

Nightly, Hubby brings out the little violin to work with Curly on her songs. Since her concert is next week they have been going at it a little extra intensely to get ready for the big night.

hubby playing violin with baby on his back

Last night I was particularly impressed at his ability to multitask. He wore the baby in a sling on his back while he played the harmony part to Curly's tune. Baby Bear LOVES the sling and goes immediately to sleep, in spite of the music and talking.

curly with her tiny violin

Curly, who was practicing the bow rhythm for Perpetual Motion on an open string, cracked me up by sitting half on, half off her chair. Usually we have her stand but once in a while as a treat she gets to sit up straight on a chair. In this case she combined the two.

Little Mister

Little Mister, who was supposed to be quietly putting together a puzzle, was instead conducting and giggling. Yeah, he's not distracting at all.

Somehow they got through the songs. Curly has made good progress this semester. I wouldn't call it amazing; she has worked hard for what she has gained. But as far as I can tell, she is pleased with her work. I think Hubby has done a wonderful job with her the past six months.

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  1. Nothing is cuter than a man with a baby in a sling playing a little violin! ;)