Sunday, December 13, 2009


Sitting on my couch feeding the baby, I gazed at the shelves that take up the better part of the biggest living room wall. Covered with an assortment of toys, homeschool notebooks, instruments, bags, and books, they made the entire living room feel even smaller and more cluttered than the 14'x16' it actually is.


I began imagining the shelves enclosed by cupboard doors, shutting the clutter behind cute wooden panels, swinging on ornate wrought-iron hinges that match the whimsical craftsman style of our home.


Dreaming and browsing the internet, I found the cutest latches at an Antique Hardware site and I fondly pictured myself putting our homeschool books away and shutting the cupboard doors, leaving our living room pristine and peaceful.


I researched materials and paint, took measurements and even went to the hardware store to look at prices. That's when reality took a swing at me, connected and left me with a black eye. The cupboard doors would cost almost $400 even if I built them. The wood, the paint, the whimsical hinges and latches... it all added up. In an old house like this there are a million improvements I could make and if I am going to spend $400 on it, there are a hundred things that come before cupboard doors, such as the back door that doesn't keep out the weather.


After talking extensively with hubby and crying on his shoulder, I reluctantly gave up the cupboard doors and instead took the practical route of cleaning off the shelves and finding new places to stick all the clutter. I put the homeschool supplies in a kitchen cupboard and organized other things in baskets. I put away the books downstairs and fished out some antique, decorative books for the living room.

Then I made a solemn vow to myself not to set things on the clean shelves, which I promptly broke when Hubby's mom gave the kids a present and the box is still there, on the living room shelf.

I'd sure like to build cupboard doors.


  1. Why not get a curtain rod, and make some seasonal curtains to put up, that way you can simply decorate for the season, but be able to hide the clutter, until you will be able to get the cubboard doors you want.

  2. Yes, cupboard doors would be nice, but just enjoy what you do have. That's speaking from one who needs to be reminded of that more than anyone else in the world (and sometimes being reminded doesn't help. At least not at that moment.)

  3. I think it's really fun to dream about changes you can make to your home, even if it can't happen right now. I love your idea and the latches you found. I do the same thing with putting aside my fun projects to cover the practical ones. We have single pane windows in the older part of our house that need replaced. So whenever I have projects come up that are aesthetic, I always remind myself that it would make more sense to replace the windows first. And then I don't do anything! Because it's not fun to replace the windows. Maybe you could just buy the latches for now? Gather your supplies over time?