Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bathroom Facelift: THE HOLE


To keep the ants out, Hubby covered the hole with PACKING TAPE. And I have had to sit on the loo for months looking at PACKING TAPE on my wall. Poor me.


Guess what happened when I took the packing tape off? Lots of the wall came too! It's like a bonus sale. Get some tape and get lots of the wall for free.

First thing I did was treat it with mildew-killer and let it dry thoroughly. That took a while!


Now the spackle is going in, one layer at a time. Did you know that lightweight spackle feels JUST like cake icing? It's weird stuff and I really, really wanted to taste it. Or put it into an icing tube and make roses.


This hole is directly opposite the toilet, right at eye level. It's been staring me in the face so long it's almost become a friend. I thought about naming it. It's kind of cute, really.

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