Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby's First Christmas

Both of the grandmas gave Baby Bear ornaments for his first Christmas. They are both so lovely and unique and special. I felt really blessed.

baby bear sleeping on a moon

Hubby's mom gave him a little brown baby bear with his name when she visited last Saturday. (I erased the last name on the photo using PhotoShop, just because I don't want last names on my blog. I rarely put first names on here just for privacy reasons.) I love the little sleeping baby bear!

little black baby resting in a peapod

This morning my mom came in shaking the snow off her boots and bearing her annual ornaments that she picks out specially for each person. Since I was born, she has made a ritual of giving a dated ornament to her children and grandchildren.

Baby Bear's first one seemed especially appropriate. She told me that when she picked it out, the sales clerk pointed out that she had a BLACK baby. Mom smiled sweetly at her and said, "Yep, our baby is black!" He even has a green blanket. Perfect.


  1. Super cute!! What a fun tradition. I love it when the ornaments on the tree have special memories and meaning from family and friends. It makes it that much more fun to pull them out and decorate each year.

  2. Those ornaments are very cute! My mom sends us yearly ornaments for the kids. We're going to have to get a bigger tree to display them all some day.