Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby Jesus

It has always been a sort of dream of mine to have one of my babies play Baby Jesus at Christmastime. Since I was a child, I felt that it seemed somewhat like an honor or a blessing for a little one to get to represent the Perfect Baby even for a few minutes.

With the others, there was never an opportunity, but this year my sister's pastor asked us if we would play the Holy Family in their Christmas musical. Baby Bear would get to be Baby Jesus and I would sing Mary's solo in the cantata.

Although nervous to sing, I agreed to do it because of the delight in having beautiful little Baby Bear play Baby Jesus. I spent a couple of weeks carefully memorizing the (easy) solo and this morning came the big day.

In a tiny church filled with mostly elderly people, I stood hooded in Mary's blue cowl and held my precious baby boy, singing to him the miracle story. Hubby stood next to me "being Josephy" as he put it, tickling the baby's toes. Although I don't have the greatest singing voice, I managed to stay on pitch for the twenty bars or so that was my part in the song. To me the experience was priceless, a dream come true and the best part, aside from my own personal joy, was to look out and see the audience dabbing their eyes as they watched Mary sing to her baby boy.


  1. Very cool! I always hoped that my children would be able to play baby Jesus at some time, but the boys were born too late, and no one asked with Kyrie.

    So it's triply cool that you three got to be in the Nativity and that you got a solo! Good job!

  2. I got to do that with Jeremiah. He was only 6 weeks old for his first Christmas. Most of the church had girls, so they were thrilled to have a baby boy to play Jesus for Christmas. We told him not to let it go to his head. They were only pretending to worship him and call him Lord. They were really worshipping Jesus. It seems to have worked. He's not a stuck-up kid or anything.