Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby Crack


A feature of Baby Bear's bouncy chair is a nauseatingly stimulating light-and-music bar that arches over him, dangling toys enticingly in front of his tiny fists. I call the bar "baby crack" because when I turn it on, he sits there mesmerized as it plays and blinks, until it shuts itself off.

Yesterday he found something else that was cool about the toy bar. If he reaches out, he can make the dangling toys swing and rattle. I don't remember my other two doing this at eleven weeks; I think they were more like 3.5 months. I continue to be impressed by Baby Bear's physical ability.

Even as I type this, the older kids sit at the table eating lunch and Baby Bear is lounging in the bouncy chair, batting his toys and laughing his head off at them. I think my day is improving, just hearing his laughter.

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  1. Oh, I'll bet that is fun! I can't wait to hear him laugh!