Monday, December 28, 2009

And the winner is...

What do you suppose Curly's favorite Christmas present is? Do you think it's a makeup kit or a barn for her Breyer horses like her cousins received? How about a princess dress and a crown? Perhaps a magic wand? I'll bet it's a baby doll. After all, she is a five-year-old girl with a new baby brother.

Give up yet?

Here's the present that has gotten as much playtime as every other present combined, except maybe watching the movie Up. It has the bonus of being able to be used by multiple kids at the same time, not something that can be said for most toys.

Hot Wheels race track

Guess whose cars they are using to race on the new track? (Hint: Papa dug them out of the basement storage and most of them have 1977-1984 years stamped on the bottom.)

She's her mother's daughter.

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  1. Cool. I figured with Curly it would be something that wasn't the typical girl thing!