Friday, November 6, 2009

A Serious Matter

Dear Baby,

Must I remind you that you are only five weeks old? Today I put you down as requested on your tummy with your favorite blanket like this:

And checked you a short while later to find you like this:

This is the second time you have done this, which concerns me greatly since I expected this sort of behavior when you are four months or so. I'm not sure I'm prepared to deal with an Olympic athlete at age five.

Still, if you must insist on rolling over at this tender age, would you please refrain from traveling across the living room until I can get the Playmobil toys picked up?


Your mother.


  1. Hee. I remember how shocked I was when my kids would flop over when I was least expecting it. It reminds us that we can never let our guards down. I've heard many a story of parents leaving babies on changing tables and beds- not expecting them to roll over or move yet, but it wasn't a very pleasant surprise to find out that they indeed can!

    Rock-n-roll baby bear!

  2. My mother's doctor assured my mother that I couldn't possibly roll over at 6 weeks of age know matter what she thought she had seen, when she brought me into the doctor for a check up and he left me on the table, when I nearly rolled off the table demonstrating that indeed, yes, I could! Unless, of course, he was hallucinating as well. I was a college athlete just to warn you!