Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Normally I consider myself a fairly thoughtful, creative person. I like to have deep conversations, write coherent blog posts and consider ideas in fields ranging from philosophical to political to theological.

But this past month, with my total hours of sleep averaging four to six per night (and rarely more than two consecutively), I have found my thoughts narrowed to just a few subjects.


and this...

and especially this...

(Oh my)

... and that's about it. For anything else, it'll have to wait until I get some more sleep.


  1. I would read on those topics anytime. I happen to like those subjects. They're not as cute as my 3 favorite subjects, but they're pretty close! You've read my blog. As much as I'd like to be a coherent writer, I think I'm just too ADD and to impatient. I want results and I want them now. It takes time to write thoughtful words. I keep hoping someone will like my ramblings enough to be interested in asking me to write something serious and pay me to do it. That would definitely motivate me enough to take the time to work hard at it. I just don't feel like I can justify the time when my family needs me if it's not making money.