Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Today for fun, the older kids got to fix their own lunch with minimal input or assistance from me. When Hubby heard the plan, he predicted that that they would fix "fruit snacks on a bed of fruit snacks garnished with fruit snacks."


They got out a chair to stand on and, towing it around the kitchen, they got to work.


I, too, was curious what they would choose. Initially Curly wanted to fix macaroni and cheese, her absolute favorite, but when she found out it took fifteen minutes along with reaching pans and boxes and milk, she opted for something easier. (I can totally relate. It's how I cook too.)


Lately I have had an awful time with her bossing her little brother unmercifully (what big sister wouldn't?) so for this venture I put her in charge. For once she was able to use her leadership skills in a position of character strength rather than weakness. To my amazement, rather than ordering him around, she served him first, fixing his plate and helping him get settled before she even gave thought to what she would fix for herself.


Eventually she decided on freezer waffles, an apple and a cheese stick.


Mister added chicken nuggets to his lunch and they happily set to it.


During the whole process I stayed as far in the background as I could, mostly being available for consultation and picture-taking. Curly felt her responsibility keenly and bustled around like only a five-year-old can. I'm proud of my big girl!

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  1. Wow! It took a long time before I allowed my kids to try anything that needed heating. Pretty much not until this year.