Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Love Working From Home

with my laptop holding Baby Bear

This is my second year working part-time as a research assistant for a WSU professor that I happened to meet on a hike of all things. It's almost all computer-based work: making web sites and posters, transcribing interviews, some editing and writing and proofing. Best of all, she is willing to communicate almost entirely by email, giving me the freedom to sit in coffee-loving comfort on my own couch and work via the blessed internet while my children play nearby.

I have got to be the luckiest Stay-At-Home Mom I know.

EDITED TO ADD: I totally don't intend to brag here. Those who have read my previous blog posts know I struggle being a SAHM, I battle with chronic scoliosis pain, depression, migraines, asthma, naughty kids, plenty of unmotivated, non-creative days and a couple of really bad days. Today just happened to be one of those rare days I actually managed a particle of contentment in spite of cranky kids, little sleep, bad weather and cabin fever. I decided to commemorate the fact with a post. To those who have felt put off by it, sorry. We all find our own roads to fulfillment; we all fight our own demons. My blog is not a record of an idyllic life; rather, it is a very average life with mostly the glass-is-half-full moments recorded because those are the moments I want to remember, the stories I want to re-read. And on those bleak days I go back to read over my own optimistic memoirs and realize that I do indeed have a pretty good life!


  1. I think that's totally cool, and I didn't read it as a brag(well, I guess it was in a way ;)), but I think it's a great thing and I'm totally happy for you guys! God bless!

  2. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to be able to work from home! I truly wish I could do the same. Despite education and a strong work ethic, the opportunity has not materialized yet. My plug is piano lessons and also a strong skill with data entry. But alas...

    Just wanted to say how awesome that is! I'm very happy for you; truly.

  3. How awesome that you have the opportunity! Don't let anyone diminish that; you should never have to apologize for hard work. I am very happy that you have the chance to do so. It is a blessing; and I think you realize that!