Sunday, November 15, 2009


This is how I spend most of the day every day right now:

Yes, those are my pajamas. I have no shame. Well, actually I do.... hence the disguise. You're crazy if you think I am splashing my frightening, just-out-of bed-even-though-it's-noon self all over the internet. I'd lose all my blog readers.

Curly was kind enough to take this picture of me. I tell her not to take pictures of me when she's wandering around the house snapping away but once in a while she slips one in. Thanks, Curly.

I know there exist human beings out there somewhere. In fact I saw some yesterday when I ventured off my couch for the kids' birthday party. Usually, though, I am here, in my cave and the extrovert part of my personality is quivering and crying and begging for relief.

Someday, I tell myself, the weather will be better. The baby will be older; the kids will be able to put on their own coats. It will be light enough to drive in the evenings; my friends won't be busy, my Hubby won't be tired and sick and cranky and Mister won't be napping. I will see human beings again. I will.


  1. Oh, Erin. I'm so sorry. I will definitely call this week and arrange to come see you.

  2. Heehee. Like the disguise. I'm lucky that my kids don't go around snapping pictures of me. I feel like a hermit at times, too! Especially with the rainy weather we've been getting lately. Now I'll go back to Pullman and become a hermit in the snow because I don't like driving in that stuff!