Monday, November 23, 2009



Saturday night we hosted a birthday party for a good friend of Hubby's...the first time we entertained since Baby Bear came. One of the guests had a baby boy who was 2 days younger than Baby Bear. We had a lot of jokes about the two, how they are destined to grow up as best buds or mortal enemies. Baby Bear was a bit shorter than Baby E, but quite a bit heavier.


  1. Cute! It's always fun to have friends with babies the same age. Chandler Ratsch and Isaiah were born a couple of days apart and I like seeing the two of them grow up. It's a shame that we live far apart now, though. They could be best buds.
    I have a picture of Kyrie with other babies that were her age, too. I want to get them together again so we can do another picture of them for a "then and now" comparison.

  2. Jeremiah had a little girl who was only a month older than him. They spent the first few years together and now when we get together (rarely now that they live in Texas) it's like they never parted. It's almost like they had a bonding experience of their own as babies.