Monday, October 5, 2009


Last winter as soon as the weather cooled, the house felt chilly and drafty; no matter how high we turned the furnace, it did not feel warm. Long ducts traveling from the furnace through the cold basement meant that the air wasn't warm even when it rose from the vents and I determined to do something about it.

This summer, Dad and I found, bought and installed a used pellet stove. Originally I had petitioned for a wood-burning stove, but since it would be my husband and not me who would deal with the fuel, I compromised with pellets.

This week, the first week of chilly temperatures, we fired up the pellet stove and to our satisfaction, the house feels as toasty as it did during the 90-degree August summer. The floor, saturated with rising radiant heat through the uninsulated floor, is warm and the whole living area stays in the mid-seventies. We have yet to test it during the really cold Idaho winter, but so far the house is much more comfortable that it has ever been during a cold snap.

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