Tuesday, October 13, 2009


One of the most common questions I have gotten since we brought Baby Bear home is, "How do the other two kids like the new baby?" Usually I'm at a loss of how to answer this question, since they really haven't told me in so many words what they are thinking and feeling. Still, their actions have been telling over the course of the past four days.

Curly Miss, ever the big sister, has been more concerned with making sure things in the family run smoothly. More than ever she has tried to make sure she and Mister are well-supplied with crafts, snacks and playthings. I'm sure she doesn't remember the awful time when Mister was born and Mommy was too sick to properly care for her, but her concern to care for Mister now that a new baby is here seems to hearken back to that time. As for the baby himself, she has been content to let Mommy mess with him, preferring not to touch him or hold him at all. She did ask to buy him a special blanket at the store though and she got the softest blue one she could find to be his "Nap" like her's.

Little Mister, while following his sister's lead, has been much more curious about the baby. Thankfully he doesn't display the hot jealousy I expected, but he does watch closely as the baby is fed and changed, particularly when Baby Bear cries, as he invariably does during diaper changing. Yesterday as he was snuggled next to me on the couch, I set the baby carefully on his lap, retaining hold of the soft bundle, just to see what he'd do. He broke into a wide grin and held the baby close, whispering something about being a big brother. I think he loves his new baby.