Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Positively Medieval

This year GG, one of the grandmas, decided to give the kids their birthday and Christmas presents all combined into one big gift. I love it when they do that because it means rather than lots of small gifts we can get one giant cool toy or set. This time it was a Playmobil castle set and a dragon.

Hubby, of course, taught the kids right away the proper method for a dragon to attack a castle. They outfitted all the knights and began to mount a good defense. Since the castle came equipped with a catapult and big rocks, attack and defense became heated with rocks flying across the living room.

A breakaway wall created a hole in the castle when attacked, much to Little Mister's dismay. He decided the castle was broken and wailed and whined at us until we fixed it by reattaching the broken wall.

A favorite feature of the set was the red treasure chest, full of crowns and necklaces and gold cups. The lid even had a latch to keep it closed and it resided in state in the tower of the castle.

I have a feeling this toy is going to get a LOT of use over the next few years, as long as I can keep the tiny pieces out of reach of the baby once he starts crawling and eating such things. Maybe we'll set up a special place to play with the castle where it's out of his reach.

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  1. Me and the kids have enjoyed this post. I think Jeremiah, even at 10 years old, wants one. Or, at least the catapult with the rocks.