Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paternity Leave

When we started this whole crazy business of adoption, we thought we'd have to travel to points south to get our baby, which would involve waiting for a week or so until interstate papers could be signed to bring the baby to our home state. In anticipation of this week of travel, Hubby saved up as much leave time as he could scrape together over the course of the past year.

Then it turned out a baby from close by in our own state surprised us and here we had all this travel money and leave time saved up that we did not need. What a good problem to have!

Hubby decided to go ahead and take a week of paternity leave as planned, so he stayed home with us last week. I was a little concerned that his introverted personality would not be able to handle the preschool zoo for an entire week without escaping to his office-cave, but he did surprisingly well. We took turns with the night shifts and then sleeping during the day. He took the older kids on several fun outings.

Best of all he got to bond with Baby Bear in a way he did not do with Little Mister. He has fed, held and changed diapers with patient cheerfulness in a way few Daddies ever seem to manage. I am so impressed! He says that it's a mark of Father Initiation to get barfed on, and Baby Bear certainly has complied. Hubby is well-initiated.

Over and over, I think how blessed my kids are to have a Daddy who takes such an interest in them even from such a young age. It blesses me, too, to have the help and to be a team rather than trying to do all the baby stuff myself. What a great guy!


  1. Awwwwww schucks. :)

    (And a barfy zoo it has been at times too!)

  2. What an awesome opportunity for everyone!

  3. Wow, go Matt! Nice to have saved too much vacation time and money. Extra blessings are nice.

  4. That's great! It's nice to have the Daddy support. Since I exclusively breastfed, I did all the getting up with our babies. Sometimes I was jealous of Mark getting to sleep while I was up at all times of the night! Good job, Matt!