Friday, October 16, 2009

Not Quite Picture Perfect

Excitedly I laid a soft blanket on the couch and began hunting for a cute outfit in which to take pictures for a darling little baby announcement. In my head I pictured the idyllic Gerber-baby smiles on a baby-blue announcement hanging on the fridge of our friends and relatives.

The first thing I discovered was the outfit I wanted stuffed in the diaper bag covered with spit-up. I had stuck it in there and forgotten about it two days ago. Rats. Then I reasoned that the dirty spots would not show since they would be underneath and he'd only wear it for a few minutes while I took the picture. I put it on him, hunting down the matching hat which turned up in the crib.

Changing him woke him up and he discovered upon awakening that he was hungry. He lay on the couch announcing to the world that he had not received nourishment for approximately 3 years and he was about to shrivel up and die.

About this time the camera ran out of batteries. I took it to the kitchen to plug it in and as I did so, the baby seized the moment to urp sour milk all over the blanket, couch and the poor, doomed outfit.

When the other kids began calling for me to get them some juice, I gave up. I changed the baby, put the outfit and blanket in the laundry, got juice for the big kids and settled down to properly feed the baby, laughing as I snuggled him close and kissed his downy head.

Announcement photos would just have to wait.


  1. Oh man! Taking baby pictures is HARD! You definitely need a helper to pose the baby and make sure baby is happy while you snap the picture (easier said than done, I know!).

  2. I agree that taking baby pictures is hard! And it gets harder when they start crawling and don't want to sit still. And when you have 3 to add to the mix! Fun times!

    Hope you get some good pictures soon!

  3. The first picture looks like he's flashing some gang sign, lol.