Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kitten Problem

We have a problem. These have taken up residency in our garage, eating out of our compost bin and in general being a nuisance. They are wilder than coons, impossible to catch and when we stopped putting cat food outside, they rush the house door trying to get to the food. When I called the Humane Society I was told they don't take ferile cats and the police department only deals with dogs.

So it is up to us and possibly our next-door neighbors to borrow some live traps and figure out where to re-home these frustratingly unwanted creatures.


  1. Oh, that's terrible! It seems like their should be someone who takes care of them, besides you!

  2. Andrew said "time to get a dog." to which I said "they have a beagle" and he replied "that explains it" :)