Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Every Day Is A Winding Road

People generally are creatures of habit. When life consists of daily repetition and when even the hobbies and adventures end up looking pretty similar to the one last week, it's hard to find something to blog about. You end up falling back on well-worn song titles and cliche metaphors in order to turn more pictures of the same hiking trail into something new and interesting.

You go along your life and can only see the path in front of you a little way. Never sure what exactly is going to come next, you do your best, whether climbing a hill or avoiding rocks in the path.

The little things along the way provide some diversion, but mostly you plod along, following the path of time, taking each new twist and turn as it comes.

The path may go along the open hilltop for a while and you can see where you're headed or even change direction if you want to.

Occasionally if you look up, you'll see unexpectedly a breathtaking view and you realize the climb to the top of the mountain was actually worth all the stress and strain to get there.

Sometimes your path ahead may be dappled with sunlight and shadow, the joy and the pain intermingling during each day's journey.

Of course the best thing about a long path and a wonderful view is someone to share it with, to laugh and talk and share soup recipes and ideas to write a book. That is what makes the road up the mountain worth walking.

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