Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bundled in Love

One of our favorite family hobbies is walking. We live so close to the nexus of our small town, complete with tiny shops of all persuasions, playgrounds, public notices, coffee shops and a great little hometown video rental store, that we end up walking somewhere nearly every day.

The other day, when the weather was cool but not cold and a fall sun was shining, we decided it was time to initiate Baby Bear into our walking tradition. Curly has been excited to graduate out of the blue stroller to be walking like the grown-ups and has been talking for months about the time when Baby Bear would come and would be the new kid in the stroller.

In order to make sure our precious bundle stayed comfortably toasty, I pulled out the quilt I made especially for Baby Bear. What a delight after so many months of waiting to wrap his warm, soft self in the the beautiful colors, each hand-pieced with love and prayers. What a sense of coming full circle to use now the blanket I made last winter, hoping it would someday keep a very special little person warm and cozy and to be a tangible reminder of how much we love him as he grows.

Merrily we walked downtown, our family of five now replacing the family of four we were a few weeks ago. As my children surround me, I feel as though I am the one bundled in love.


  1. Beautifully put Erin. I love the bundle of love in the lovingly handmade quilt. Baby bear looks quite comfortable and content.

  2. So happy for you and so glad you get to use your quilt now!