Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Box

Curly's hand releasing a car into a long, narrow box

Recently I brought myself a present: a hiking stick. The best part turned out to be the box it shipped in from REI, a long, narrow cardboard box that has become the source of almost all of my family's amusement for several days running.

the box is leaned against a couch with a kid at each end

For one thing, it was the perfect size to put little cars into and watch them zoom out the other end.

hubby with the box on his right arm

Then Hubby came home and suddenly it became a diabolical robot arm.

view into the box end with a small, blue-white lights shining inside

Add a keychain flashlight and the robot arm had a laser weapon that could take out even the most intrepid cameraman.

hubby shooting the box toward Little Mister

Is it any wonder that I've been getting complaints from other mothers in our Small Group that their children are having nightmares from someone playing killer robots with them? Uhm, it's my two-year-old. Sorry.

Me and Hubby smiling

Underneath, he's all mush.

view down the box toward Little Mister's chin


  1. That is a very cool box. I must admit. But where's the picture of the hiking stick? I wanna see! I actually have never heard of such a thing. You have a fun family.

  2. Boxes are so much fun to play with! I have a hard time getting my kids to allow me to recycle some boxes that have come to our house.

    Matt goofing off with the robot arm reminds me of when Mark put gloves on the ends of long cardboard tubes and pretended to have the longest arms in the world, and the time shortly before when he put an empty box of Mountain Lightning soda on his head. We sure have goofy husbands! I think they are probably the ones responsible for teaching the kids how to play.