Friday, September 4, 2009

Thanks, Disney

Curly with cars stickers on either end of her violin bow

Curly has been really struggling to grasp the correct bowing for "O Come Little Children." It begins with an up-bow then alternates short bow strokes near the frog, long strokes and short strokes near the tip. The intense amount of coordination needed to execute this correctly has nearly reduced her to tears on several occasions. I decided she needed a reminder and also a chance to practice just the correct motion without worrying about left-hand fingers.

I made up a song about Lightning McQueen and Mater; to help us along I stuck the corresponding stickers on her bow. When we sing about Lightning she bows near his sticker, then the reverse is true for Mater. I'm sure the stickers won't last long, just enough for her to internalize the motion. I also set up a counter for her to go try it herself several times. I hope the stickers and the idea of doing it all by herself will be enough for her to really work and learn the tricky bowing instead of digging in her heels and giving up as she has been doing for several weeks. It takes creativity and patience to hurdle the barrier of perfectionism.

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