Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pottery Painting

Tucked in the Eastside Marketplace in our little town is a tiny shop filled with paintbrushes, bisqueware, pictures, sketches, bead jewelry and ceramic tiles in colorful profusion. It reminds me of the cluttered, messy classroom belonging to my 8th grade art teacher. Everything in it prods the visitor toward creativity and right-brained explorations in color and texture.

Last night my friend called, announcing that her family was going to this shop, Wild At Art, where her boys would paint cocoa mugs to use this winter. She invited us to come along and paint our own cocoa mugs and we gladly agreed!

We each chose an unfinished mug, grabbed brushes and chalky glaze on a palette. The kids were a little confused that the glaze color didn't represent the final tint, but they happily painted away anyway, their pieces resembling the randomness of a crazy quilt as they experimented with stamps, sponges, stickers and polka dots. Hubby and I had a little more of a design in mind with ours, but we didn't get a lot of time to work since we were constantly interrupted by Little Mister dipping his elbow in the paint or Curly Miss asking for the 47th color on her palette.

All in all, we felt quite pleased with out creative efforts and we're looking forward to next week when the pieces will be fired and ready to bring home. Stay tuned, I'll post pictures when we get them back!

Photo Credits, another pottery painting shop in IA!