Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Painting

peeling paint on the trim

Approaching our house from the front, the trim was beginning to get a little too charming (read: shabby) so after my recent painting endeavor, I was primed for more. I took a peeling chip in to the paint counter and they matched the color as close as they could.

While painting I discovered I had problems. First, cats. Sage walked nonchalantly across my wet paint and when I yelled, he fled into open door and across my hardwood floor! Spattered green footprints marked his path across the living room to where he crouched under my chair. Hubby scooped him up and carted off to prison in a crate in the back yard. I follow his hansel-and-gretel trail with a wet paper towel mopping up the green paint.

While I finished, the other cat, Cinnamon wandered over, curious. I hissed at her, chasing her away and painted as quickly as I could. While I was at it, the mailman came, ready to shove a bill in our freshly painted mailbox. Instead, he handed it to me and wished me a good day. Finally just as I was finishing the kids came to see my work, running their small hands over the molding and front door on their way out where I had recently painted in the scrapes and dings.

I was a thankful mama when I capped my can of paint, washed my brush and saw my handiwork drying solid and hard.
lovely, fresh coat of green pain on same trim


  1. Very nice! What an adventure with kids and cats running around though. Good thing it didn't track the paint through carpet.

  2. Beautifully done! I have so much painting that I need to do around the house. You have inspired me to get on it! :)