Monday, September 21, 2009

Left Behind

I worried for months whether to enter my quilt in the fair. Something might happen to it... Then when I finally entered it, I forgot to go pick it up at the appropriate time when the fair ended. I find it highly ironic after fretting for such a long time that I would actually forget to go get it and it got packed away in the fair office with other leftover remnants of forgotten entries. Hubby picked it up today and it sits accusingly on my dining room table.

Intentionally vague here (sorry about that) but not such good news today. It's highly possible we'll be waiting quite a long time more before Baby Bear comes home. I feel surprisingly peaceful. Another drop on the roller coaster and the ride's not over yet. So I hang on and close my eyes so I won't see the next sharp turn and stomach-churning drop.


  1. Glad your quilt DID make it home. Would have been a bummer for it to have been taken somewhere by someone else!

    Sorry to hear about your roller coaster ride with Baby Bear. Must be really frustrating!

  2. Glad you didn't lose that beautiful quilt you worked so hard on!

    I'm sorry that you are still riding the coaster with the Baby Bear process. I am blessed, however, to see that God has given you peace in this situation. Take care, and I pray things resolve quickly, and beautifully for your family in this!

  3. So sorry to hear that you may be experiencing setbacks. You'll be in my thoughts!