Friday, September 18, 2009

Fair-y Pictures

rainbow block-patterned quilt hanging in a display with several other quilts

First, my quilt. I was surprised to find that it had won a red (second place) ribbon in its category. It's possible there were not many quilts in that category because I don't feel that it was award-winning quality, but maybe the fact it was hand-quilted and my first attempt gave me bonus points.

Still, it was fun to have it displayed and fun to actually have an entry in this year's fair since I haven't entered anything for fifteen years.

Little Mister picking his nose in front of the model railroad

Some friends and I took our kids through the exhibits. Little Mister pauses to dig for gold rather than enjoy the trains, but overall they were loving the train exhibit.

Mother crouching by a stroller feeding a baby with a bottle

Moving in a herd with this many children meant we went very slowly with many stops. Here S pauses for a few moments to feed a hungry little person.

Little Mister holding a blue balloon

For the most part the free balloons ended up being the highlight of the day. They got quite a bit of play, then one flew free into the pure blue sky, one popped on the grass and one tangled with a poky pine tree. Thus ended the balloons.

Curly and a friend each holding a blue balloon

They sure were fun while they lasted, though.

crowd of women and children walking through the animal barns

Walking through the animal barns, the kids were surprised how loud the sheep sounded.

crowd of children looking at a sow and piglets in a pen

And how bad the pigs smelled!

 two children looking at rabbits in cages

Bunny rabbits crouched in cages while curious children poked fingers through the bars. I have always pitied animals who are shown at the fair. I'm glad it only lasts three days.

three children pet a soft brown bunny

Petting a live bunny was a delight. Little Mister loved the bunnies and the ducks so much, in fact, that I kept losing him when he would wander back to them.

children climbing a tree

At lunch we took a break under some shade trees.

curly eating a corn dog

Curly, finishing her corn dog for lunch, watches a balloon soar into the sky. A fun morning at the fair. Tonight, the carnival!


  1. Awww. Brings back fond memories of the fair in Moscow! There are fairs up here which are probably equally or more fun, but tickets sure are dang expensive! And you know me- the duchess of cheap and free ;).

    Congrats on your ribbon! I think it's a very lovely quilt! Was it the only red in its category? I know when I entered scrapbook pages, I got multiple blues and reds. It didn't really count as places- just how well the judges thought your pages looked. And then they picked the best in class and best in show. But that could also be the fact that so many people entered scrapbook pages. I don't know how they judge the quilts. Either way, I still think your quilt is beautiful, and you should definitely be proud!

  2. Congrats!! That is so cool that you won a ribbon. I think your quilt looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing the fair photos.

    I'm with you Kris, cheap and free is best! I am going to the Nez Perce County fair on Friday with the homeschoolers because that is our free ticket day. Then it will just be navigating the food and rides carefully to not spend too much money.

    As I get older, I don't appreciate the unhealthy and expensive food as much, or the rides. I like the arts and crafts and animals still. It's fun watching the kids have fun, so it's still worth going.