Monday, September 28, 2009

City Bus Adventure

As usual this morning, Curly asked me what we could do today. I told her she could choose, curious as to her response. She picked playing at the indoor playland a mile from our house and to make it even more of an adventure we decided to ride the city bus there.

We caught the bus and the kids delighted riding it around the streets of our quiet town. We made it to the little mall where the playland was and I stopped for a Starbucks on the way in.

Curly was disappointed that no kids her age were there, but it wasn't long before some showed up, to her extroverted delight. We played for an hour and a half, then treated ourselves to Mongolian Barbecue for lunch.

On the way home I discovered I'd missed an important detail of our bus schedule: lunch break. We waited at the bus stop for twenty minutes, then when no bus showed up, we realized we'd have to walk the mile to our house.

A glorious fall day with the sun shining and the temperature a good 78 degrees made a walk sound nice, although I wasn't sure how Little Mister would do. He chugged along slowly but steadily and I carried him on my back twice, Curly taking a turn with the backpack. We finally made it home, taking about 40 minutes to walk the whole mile.

I made a mental note the next time we do a bus trip to take into account the driver's lunch break in planning our return journey! Such is small-town life.


  1. Sounds like fun! You were prepping for the next hiking trip you go on, right?

  2. Sounds like quite an adventure!