Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wii Finally Bought One!

For years we've wished, we've waited, we've drooled over these at friends' houses. We've saved our pennies but it always seemed like there was something that was higher on the priority list.

Finally, we decided it was time. We did not even own a television with a screen big enough to enable us to play games. Hubby found one at Goodwill for $25 and we hooked it up. We even bought Mario Kart.

Hubby playing MarioKart with Curly


  1. Yay!! Let the fun begin. The Wii is a great incentive to get chores and schoolwork done for the reward afterwards. We have had many fun family bowling nights with ours.

  2. Very cool! We love our Wii. We were fortunate to get it as a gift, and thanks to Mark's job reviewing gadgets and such, we get free stuff like Rock Band 2. If you're able to swing it, I would suggest Wii Fit. It's fun for the whole family, and gets you active.

  3. Yay Wii! It is so much fun and can be so much more interactive than other video games. Outdoor Challenge is a great game for kids. Fun for the whole family and gets you off the couch for active play.