Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pesky Gnomes

Once upon a time there were two children named Curly and Mister. One day they climbed a tall, tall mountain because they were looking for the gnomes who live on the top of the mountain.

They climbed and climbed and at last they reached the top. When they did they could look out and see the whole world spread out below them.

It was windy on top of the mountain and Curly shivered but Mister said, "Let's go look for the gnomes who live on the top of the mountain." But Curly was hungry so she suggested they eat some of the food they had brought with them on their adventure.

Little Mister agreed and they got out their box of provisions, sharing their crackers and cheese and talking about what they might find there on the top of the mountain. Mister thought he might catch one of the gnomes and take it home for a pet.

While they ate, some of the little gnomes came out stealthily from the tall grass and bushes and made off with some of their food! Oh no! Mister immediately set off after them to rescue their snacks.

As he ran along the top of the mountain, however, Mister began to feel very small and frightened.

Soon Curly joined him and together they chased those naughty gnomes right over to their little cave. Curly asked them politely to give back the cheese they had taken and of course the gnomes did just that.

So Curly ate the rest of her cheese quickly before more of those pesky gnomes came, for everyone knows that mountain gnomes love cheese when they can get it which isn't very often, only when unsuspecting children come along.

As their adventure ended, she stood looking out over the whole world and wondered if they would climb this mountain again. Next time she would bring extra cheese to give the gnomes.

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