Monday, August 24, 2009

Latte Art

Last night we walked downtown for some small-town festivities: a latte-art competition. One of the local coffee shops hosted this fabulous event and my hubby decided it was perfect fodder for his coffee blog.

While the participants pulled shots and steamed milk, the kids and I watched from the overhead balcony. The three judges examined each cup with great deliberation, then donated the coffee to someone in the watching crowd. Hubby joyfully claimed a free latte with a cross on the top, I think.

As we were waiting to leave the goombas found a chess board. I'm not sure but from the looks of the game, Curly's pawns are faring badly and Mister is setting up for a hostile takeover with his queen. But I could be mistaken. They might have just been playing with the pieces.


  1. Little Mister's gambit with his rook was brilliant. He owned the board. Curly put up a real fight though.

  2. Mmmmm! I'm craving a Latte now. Your kids could be the next Bobby Fischer! ;)

  3. I'm craving a Latte too! This is just one example of why Moscow, ID is a great place to call home. I see the name and address for One World Cafe, but I don't remember them. When did they open?