Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Drying Cilantro

Last week I bought a big bunch of fresh cilantro at the grocery store. My feeble attempts to grow it fizzled out and I wanted to make some homemade salsa. Once the salsa was made, however, I still had over half of the cilantro left.

Not wanting to waste it, I decided to try drying it for future use, although I have never dried herbs before. I scrounged some tulle from my sewing room and strung it up like a pink hammock between two chair backs.

Along with the sun and a fan, I was surprised that in just over a day most of the leaves felt crispy and I picked them off the stems.

I have yet to cook with the dried cilantro; I hope it hasn't lost its potency. Soon I'll make another batch of salsa and try using it for flavor.

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