Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Building the Mouse House

As we've begun our homeschool year, Hubby decided he wanted to get his fingers in the learning pie as well. Along with that, we thought I might need a break from my intense eldest child and since she won't be in school, I was not likely to get one. For these reasons, Hubby worked out his schedule to stay home in the mornings two days a week and make up the hours in the evening. His boss approved and yesterday was the first day of "Daddy Kindergarten".

He decided to do a story project. Taking the page of one of their If You Take A Mouse... books, they attempted to recreate the house including furniture, walls and characters. (Curly, of course was wearing her Lightning McQueen costume, explained in more detail here.)

With the book as a guide the kids worked busily, making play dough furniture. Hubby attempted to teach them how to roll a dough snake with somewhat hilarious results.

They built the house of wooden blocks, complete with lofts and towers. I'm not entirely sure what purpose the dough snake serves; possibly it plans to eat the mouse, thus casting a dark shadow over an otherwise benign story.

Little Mister, proud to have helped in the re-creation of the Mouse House, took great delight in knocking it down when the time came to put everything away. Mommy's comment, in typical anxious fashion was, "You're not going to let the dough dry out, are you?"


  1. The white snake is actually the rope the mouse uses to climb upstairs. (Look close at the picture in the book.) Didn't have a ceiling to attach it to though. Frankly though, a killer snake is way cooler.

  2. Cute! Glad Daddy is getting involved in their schooling! That will be nice for all of you!