Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Psalm 23, Little Mister Translation

Curly is memorizing Psalm 23 for Sunday School. To my surprise, Mister has picked it up quite as easily as she has and will gleefully recite the whole thing to anyone who will listen. I always chuckle when I hear him, though, since he doesn't quite use the King's English:

Da Wohrd is my Zheperd, I shall not be in want.
He makes me wye down in green pashtoors.
He weeds me by kiyet wadders.
He bores my soul.
He dides me in pafs of riddushnesh for namesake.
Eben doh I walk frew valleys of the shaddow of death,
I fear no bil, you wif me.
Your wad an staff, dey comport me.
You pare a taboh 'fore me in presh of emmies.
You 'noint my head wif oi-youl, my tup ober-lows.
Shurly doodness and wub shall fowwow me my wife
And I shall doh-well in howse Wohrd 'eber.

Edited: Finally got it on video!

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  1. Yeah, you'll definitely have to get that on video! How cute!