Wednesday, July 8, 2009


two cats snoozing in the window box next to the flowers

For a long time after her kittens were born, Cinnamon lazed around the house, being pampered by us and caring for the babies. As they got older, however, she began to long for the freedom she enjoyed as a footloose, fancy-free stray. She yowled to go outside, then once she got there, she yowled to come back in with her babies.

The babies, on the other hand, didn't go out at all. Even after the other three left to their forever homes, Sage stayed inside. Cinnamon began to spend more and more time outdoors as the weather improved and she weaned her remaining baby.

At last this past week, Hubby and I decided we could no longer stomach the smell of a litter box in our house. No matter how often we scooped it or how expensive the brand of cat litter we got, it seemed the house smelled like cat box all. the. time. Yuck.

So reluctantly, I began allowing Baby Sage to go out also. I had hoped to save him from the fate of our two feline friends last fall by keeping him as an indoor-only cat. But that litter box just about did me in. Not to mention the fact that as soon as it was deemed unusable by my finicky kitten, he'd go wherever it suited him. That earned him a quick ticket to the great outdoors where he happily follows his mother around our yard.

Let's hope he remains alive.

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  1. Cute! I hope he and Cinnamon stay safe out there! I don't blame you for not wanting the litter box inside!