Friday, June 19, 2009

Strange Day

I'm not sure what is wrong with me: I slept ALL day. I did not even know a mother of two preschoolers COULD sleep all day. I'm not sure they should. I have a feeling I'm getting a cold.

This morning Hubby offered to take Curly to her last day of VBS. So that eliminated one needy, demanding person in my house for a few hours. Little Mister, left to his own devices, decided he could fill her shoes. I dragged my hiney down the stairs and collapsed on the couch as he decided he needed breakfast. Silly child. You actually expect your mother to FEED you?

I got him a cereal bar and banana and then headed back to the couch. He ate, then he wanted me to build him a Lincoln Log house. I told him I was playing the Night-night game. He and Curly play this frequently. "Oh-tay" he said cheerfully then my little Buckwheat headed off to build himself a house. He barricaded himself in his room to avoid the dog, of whom he is deathly afraid. (Stitch jumped up on Mister and knocked him down a few days ago and since then there has been no love for canine creatures coming from my son.)

To my surprise, he played quietly and I fell so soundly asleep that only the phone ringing awakened me in time to go pick up Curly. The phone call was my mom, evidently wondering if I had taken a vow of no-emails since she was trying to reach me via that conventional method.

She treated us to lunch, but as soon as she had gone back to work and the kids were napping, I found myself back on the couch again. Sleeping. This never happens to me. Usually I lay down for a nap and end up getting pounced on by the cats, jumping up to answer the phone, laying back down, jumping up again to get Curly a drink, laying down again, focusing on the ticking clock or the construction vehicles down the block. This time, though, I just slept.

It felt wonderful. I think I'd like to do it again.

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