Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Drum Fever

I'm kind of a nerd. Actually I like being nerdy because it keeps me busy. For example, today after I took the kids to the music store to get Little Mister a pair of drumsticks and found out that a real child's-sized drum set costs $300 (faint), I decided it would be cheaper, nerdier and tons more fun to make one myself.

Okay, so it's not exactly ready for Ringo Starr or anything, but for a two-year-old, it works quite nicely, thank you.

And this, my pride and joy, is a real, working bass drum pedal. It took me all afternoon to make it and I'm sure it puts me one level higher in the nerd hall of fame than I have ever have achieved before.

The employees at the building supply store didn't know what to think of the laundry list of junk I needed today: bearings and chains and springs and bolts and nuts with silicone in them.

Then I came home and cut the rest of the parts out of scrap wood and there you go. Nerd heaven. I can hear you saying now, "Only Erin would make a working drum pedal out of scraps of wood." Uhm, yep. (Theatrical bow).

Too bad the bass drum is made out of a plastic laundry tub. I fantasized about Sonotube and real skin drum heads, but I think even I have a limit.

My little drummer-boy wasn't complaining when he and Daddy tried it out this evening.


  1. Definitely a big nerd! ;) But I sure admire that creativity! You guys are going to have fun jam sessions with a violin, drums, guitar, flute, tinwhistle, etc.!

  2. I think this is awesome! Nerd or not. The fact that you were able to put it together so that it actually works, and creat all the drum pieces out of what you had on hand, is awesome. Showing the goombas that they can use their imagination and what they have on hand! Can't wait to see the videos of the jam sessions.

  3. This has got to be the most innovative idea i've ever seen. I'm sure he's going to laugh at this when he gets older, but right now it's really cool. Nice work!

  4. can you make a video on you tube on how you made this amazing bass pedal please i wanna make something like this for my wood working class

    1. my google account is and my yahoo is