Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Saga of "Nap"

This is Curly's Nap.

She regularly takes "hits" as demonstrated above but for the most part she just carries it around. Everywhere.

For the past four years Nap has gone with us inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs.

The blanket was originally a gift from Grandma Doh at Curly's baby shower. It's been the most loved gift she ever received by far.

She pats it lovingly.

She sleeps with it. She plays sleeping with it.

It comes with her to Preschool.

It accompanies her to her violin practices.

Her brother knows that if he touches it, his life is forfeit.

When her life is upside down, Nap has always been there.

She takes it camping.

And now...

Nap will stay home in Curly's bed. She is growing up. Although I always swore up and down that she could carry the darn thing until high school if she so chose, the other day when she forgot it for the 382nd time at a theatre downtown where it might have stayed forever had I not remembered it and dashed back inside, I declared her days of Nap-carrying to be over. She must be ready to take that step because she agreed surprisingly readily and only asked if she could still carry it around inside the house. I compromised and now Nap stays home. This is the last picture of Nap going with her on the day she hurt her foot and was in a little extra need of its magical comforting powers.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pre-Twinklers No Longer

Monday Night marked the end of Palouse Suzuki Strings for the year with their final concert and potluck. Curly and the three amigos who lasted all the way through the year played a couple of songs for their part in the Programme.

Here, backstage, they run through their pieces while they wait their turn to go on.

Her teacher, Mrs. B, is so proud of her youngest class this year. We had such a great class of kids and parents.

Before playing, the kids tuck their violins under their arms and bow. Or in this case they look distractedly around the auditorium. Hey, they are only 4, 5, and 6 years old!

They played their songs like pros, even Curly who determined to limp up to the stage rather than have Daddy carry her. I was glad to have the video because I didn't get to go to the concert as I had a conflicting engagement. I suppose when you're in music for the long haul each individual concert loses its importance, but I still love to watch my little girl play, just as I love to play myself. The best part to me is that she loves it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sleep Cycles

It's amazing how tired I feel when the kids wake me out of the middle of REM sleep. Somehow my brain never fully gets going and I spend the whole day wishing I could somehow go back to bed and finish the last 45 minutes of the sleep cycle I missed.

That's what happened yesterday. Through all of the trauma with Curly's foot I felt like I was propping my eyelids up to keep them open. During the evening when she went to her violin concert and Mister and I went to a friend's baby shower, I just wanted to lie down on the sofa. At last, when bedtime came I dropped off to sleep so fast I'm sure I missed almost all of the chapter Hubby was reading aloud to me.

This morning, on the other hand, I woke up before anyone else. The kids had been up late so they slept in a little more than usual and I was able to sleep until I woke up on my own. Although the weather outside was snowing (!) I felt as though someone turned on the sunshine. I felt alert, rested, and remembered how when I was young I had been a morning person.

Curly tried taking her splint off and walking around until she discovered that her foot still really hurts. So it was back on with the splint for her. But I got both kids dressed and fed, then met some friends at the mall to go for a walk. Between the four moms we had seven children and with our succession of strollers the other elderly mall-walkers started calling us "The Parade." All morning I could not believe the energy level I sustained, just from waking up naturally.

Tonight I think I'll go to bed early again and possibly keep the kids up a little later than usual just to see if I can duplicate the wonderful effect of feeling rested in the morning.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Happening of Childhood

Hubby was home this morning when we got the phone call every parent dreads. He had stayed to help me with a few things, planning to make up the hours later. So he came in the front door with a worried expression after doing some outside chores.

"Curly's preschool teacher just called. Curly fell off the balance beam and hurt her foot."

We rushed to gather up Little Mister and went to pick her up. She was sitting, a disconsolate little lump in a chair with an ice pack on her bare foot. Since she refused to walk on it we decided to take her in to Quick Care.

I felt so thankful that Hubby was able to be there with me as we checked into Quick Care and were told that the wait would be an hour. We drove home and got some lunch then went back, sitting in the car watching a DVD and eating lunch rather than waiting in the crowded, germ-filled waiting room.

When we'd waited almost an hour and a half we went in, Hubby holding a languid Curly and me trying to keep Little Mister away from the Duplos that were being handles by a child who looked suspiciously like he had pink-eye. Another half-hour went crawling by while we waited and finally we were called back into an exam room, asked the same questions by three different people and at last the doctor look at Curly's foot. After determining that it was indeed very sore on the outside top of the foot, she ordered an x-ray and a splint.

She promised to show us the x-ray but by the time she splinted Curly's foot and told us the picture was inconclusive, she forgot to show us the x-ray and this alone more than all the waiting, poking and prodding made Curly cry.

Throughout the morning I felt so proud of Mister who cheerfully played with a tissue and a scrap of paper, not whining while he had to wait for hours for his sister. I'm not sure if he knew she was hurt and decided to be extra good or if I just got lucky, but it helped me out so much to have him not whine.

It was nearly two when we finally got back home and put the kids down for their naps. Not exactly the most fun way to spend a morning.

Tonight Curly is scheduled to play violin in her end-of-the-year concert. I asked her if she still wanted to and she affirmed that yes, she did, if Daddy will carry her up to the front when it is her turn. We assured her that this could be arranged.

My normally active little girl is going to have a very sore foot for a while. Looks like we'll be renting some videos and thinking of sitting-down things to play.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Role Reversal

I got up early this morning and headed off to church to run the PowerPoint slides for the singing for both services today. Since I left about the same time Hubby leaves for work, I was gone before Little Mister even woke up. Curly, my morning child, had wandered into my room, cuddled up in my electric blanket and turned on a Thomas video.

So Hubby got the kids up, dressed, breakfasted and arrived at church with them. After First service they went home again and I did not get home until well after the kids were sitting at the table eating lunch. Hubby put them down for a nap and I left to go grocery shopping for the week and to get new summer shoes for the kids.

Before I left, Hubby stretched himself out on the rug and commented to me, "Honey, I just did what you do every week day, get the kids up and go somewhere. You know what? It's a really, really hard job, 'way harder than my job!"

I chuckled with him and agreed. To me, getting ready and spending the morning on the computer at church had been restful in the extreme. Yet, I missed the kids and sometimes it's nice to hang around the house and not have to go anywhere. I think it's a great idea to switch roles once in a while. It sure makes us each appreciate the contribution the other makes!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I knew this was inevitable. It had to come sometime. Only a matter of time and we had to discover what this felt like.

We attended a marriage seminar today and we were the "old married couple" at the table.

Next I'll be looking for my first gray hair. Oh wait, I dye my hair. So it could already be there. Guess we'll never know.

I love it. I feel old and wise.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Crazy, Busy Day

Never offer to take kittens to a Preschool class. Because you might stay up all night having nightmares about preschoolers squeezing your kittens to death. Then when you awaken you will feel completely tired and bleary, a feeling which not even a stiff cup of coffee can totally eradicate. Then when you actually do take the kittens in to Preschool and all goes smoothly, you will feel silly for worrying so much, not to mention how your daughter's shining eyes more than makes up for all the trouble.

Next, since the Preschool fiasco isn't enough excitement for one day, be sure you immediately take five cats and a two-year-old to the vet and pay $143.59 for shots and de-worming and ear-mite medicine for them all. Once you recover from the shock of the bill, make sure your two-year old whines and interrupts the vet the entire time so that your stress level goes off the meter and you want to rip your fingernails out. Don't worry, this is therapeutic.

After you get home and your hubby has an emergency at work, make sure he knows that you have a doctor's appointment in the afternoon. These things must always coincide. Once this scheduling fiasco has been dealt with and while your toddlers are spilling their lunches on the table, floor and themselves, that's a good time to clean the two litter boxes and the potty chair. Make sure the kittens spill their bowl of milk everywhere at this exact moment as well.

Now that every organism in your house that can possibly make a mess has done it, clean everything up, read a story, tuck the kids in bed and discover that the only leftovers for lunch are a bowl of mashed potatoes and some lunchmeat. Start a grocery list and get some more coffee.

Once the doctor's appointment is finished, curl up on the couch with aforementioned coffee and kittens and thank the Good Lord that the sun is shining so the aforementioned toddler and preschooler can be sent out in the back yard to play for the rest of the afternoon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kittens Learning To Eat

Weaning the kittens has been an interesting journey for me. Hubby advised sticking their noses into a bowl of milk when they were 4 or 5 weeks old. So I tried that. The kittens coughed and spluttered and walked in the milk and spilled it. Then they went back to Mama and nursed.

At last after a week of futile attempts, I went to Hubby in despair. "They won't do it," I whined.

So he got out a bowl, filled it with milk, grabbed the nearest kitten and dipped its nose in the bowl. Instead of coughing and spluttering and swearing off on milk like it had for me, the kitten joyfully started lapping just as it was supposed to! Darn thing.

He did it with all four of them and would you know, all of the little buggers happily began drinking it. He put down some cat food too and they began nosing and crunching.

After discovering that they could eat, they began eating everything they could find, including Hubby's toes!

Now they gleefully eat whatever I give them, whether cat food or milk. They still nurse but I hope that as the weeks go along they will transition to only food so they are ready to go to their homes.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Best Toys

In my humble opinion, the best toys are sturdy, open-ended things like blocks that can be used in a million imaginative ways. Lately we have been building a lot of castles around our house. Not to mention roads and bridges and houses. But blocks can also be people, food, towers, beds, chairs, drums, plates or pillows. Nothing really beats a big basket of wooden blocks.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Tire Swing and a Tree

Curly Miss has been begging us for a tire swing. I have to admit our back yard up till now has been a pretty boring place. We normally just go play at the park. But I was determined to do something to make the back yard fun also, since playing out there meant that I would be able to keep an eye on the kids but also get some chores done at the same time rather than sitting on the bench at the park.

My friend assures me that the swing set in her back yard was totally worth the price but I didn't want to spend any money right now, since we needed a new lawn mower and we're still saving every penny for the adoption. I figured I could do things the old-fashioned way and make a few things to play on without spending an arm and a leg. So today, with the hot, sunny weather, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to make her wish a reality.

First we drove to Les Schwab where the many white-shirted guys happily dug a worn-out tire from their bin and loaded it into my van. From there it was on to Wal-Mart where 75' of stout poly rope only cost $15.88.

The trickiest part of this project and the one that kept me thinking hard for the past several days was how to get the rope over the branch. Hubby assumed he would climb the tree. But there were two problems with this idea. First of all, he was at work and I wanted to make the swing today. Secondly, the branch I wanted stuck out in a particularly inaccessible place and I doubted he would easily be able to climb there. Nor would I. This called for brains over brawn and I had been trying to figure a way to do it for a week.

Finally I remembered reading Swiss Family Robinson as a kid. This excerpt in particular where the father first builds the rope ladder into the tree came to mind:

Telling Fritz to collect all our cord, and the others to roll all the twine into a ball, I sat down and taking the reeds, speedily manufactured half a dozen arrows and feathered them... I then took a strong bamboo, bent it and strung t so as to form a bow. When the boys saw what I had done they were delighted, and begged to have the pleasure of firing the first shot.

`No, no!' said I, `I did not make this for mere pleasure, nor is it even intended as a weapon, the arrows are pointless. Elizabeth,' I continued to my wife, `can you supply me with a ball of stout thread from your wonderful bag?'

`Certainly,' replied she, `I think that a ball of thread was the first thing to enter the bag,' and diving her hand deep in, she drew out the very thing I wanted.

`Now, boys,' I said, `I am going to fire the first shot,' and I fastened one end of the thread to one of my arrows and aimed at a large branch above me. The arrow flew upwards and bore the thread over the branch and fell at our feet. Thus was the first step in our undertaking accomplished. Now for the rope ladder!

In true adventurous, Swiss Family style, I pulled the old longbow out of the rafters of the garage and hunted up one of my old target arrows. The bow had long since lost its string so I had to improvise using the dog's rope.

Like the ingenuous Swiss Father, I tied some strong cord to the end of one of the arrows I'd found. It took about three tries before the arrow flew into the tree exactly where I wanted it. Unlike the quick, happy results that Herr Robinson received, my arrow got stuck up in the branches. I pulled it down and tried again. This time with a little careful wiggling, I got it to fall back down on the opposite side of the branch!

I tied my heavy orange rope to the twine and it easily went over my 30' tall branch and down the other side. A bowline knot (courtesy of my Navy grandpa) and a loop around the other end and it slid right up and held fast around the branch.

A few more knots and the tire swing was done.

Curly Miss, who was at a friend's birthday party by this time, had to wait to try it out but as soon as she got home she was thrilled to jump on and swing. As the knots tightened, the swing sagged almost to the ground, but the knots I made are fairly easy to reposition.

While I was out there, I also screwed together some scrap wood from the garage into a ladder up the side of the old willow tree.

Now my energetic daughter can both swing and climb when she plays in the back yard. Little Mister is still too little to appreciate the swing and whined when I tried to put him on it. I am sure it won't be long until he is just as much a little monkey as his sister.

My Quilt Is Done!

After working a little almost every day since January, I finally finished my quilt! My hubby has a funny little joking superstition that Baby Bear could not come until the quilt for her was done. Now it is and Baby Bear can come any time.

Click on any photo to make it larger and see the detail.

For the border I chose a whimsical pattern of silver stars on a blue background. I quilted it using the only curving pattern in the entire quilt.

The entire quilt is a pattern called "Tumbling Blocks" done in a cascading rainbow color scheme. I hand pieced and hand quilted the whole thing, just to have something to do during the long spring months waiting for warm weather and our baby.

The back turned out to be as interesting as the front. On the plain brown fabric, a pattern of diamonds and hexagons emerged as I followed the pieces on the front. The blue border exactly matches the edges of the border on the front, which is probably a quilting no-no as it was really hard. It turned out fine though and I like the bright border on the back.

The finish and corners. I used a French Binding and attached it on the back with a blind hem. That means you sew the fabric down without letting your seam show at all. It takes quite a long time to do this all the way around the whole quilt.

Of course when it came time to take a picture I had so much help I almost could not get a picture taken!

My quilting friend keeps telling me I ought to display this somewhere rather than risk damage to it by using it. I think, though, that since I made it for my baby I'll go ahead and use it. Back in the pioneer days quilts were for practical use and since I made this quilt in that spirit I'll continue it by using the quilt for Baby Bear. Several hundred years ago, a finely made quilt was a symbol of love as the hundreds of hours taken to craft it and make it beautiful represented such an investment. I like to think that even today a quilt lovingly and carefully made can wrap love around the person it's intended to cover.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Solo Day

One of the main reasons for the little violinists to play their solos in our Suzuki Program is to have a positive performance experience. Children in our program learn to avoid performance anxiety by playing for an appreciative audience of Suzuki parents and children each year. No matter how well the little musicians perform, parents, teachers and peers clap and encourage the kids who play.

Curly hasn't played all year so her teacher asked her to play today, the last Solo Day of the year. We were a few minutes late since she had barely awoken from her nap in time to go. So we got there, her teacher tuned her violin and suddenly it was her turn to play. In spite of her sleepiness she did very well, the youngest little violinist in the program!

Oh, It Was Tempting!

Every Monday, Little Mister and I go to the Co-op playgroup over at the Fairgrounds and today was our turn to provide a snack. So I began chopping cubes of cheese and slicing fresh grapes in half in preparation for the big event.

Mister, in the meantime, danced around the house singing joyfully that it was his " 'nack" day. Then he came into the kitchen and crowded against my hip.

"Have some?" he asked, putting on his best pleading puppy-dog face. I replied in the negative and told him he'd just had breakfast. Meanwhile my own stomach was growling. He must have heard it because he next said, "Mommy have some?" I gritted my teeth, ignoring my generous son and concentrated on pouring half-frozen apple juice concentrate into a reused gallon water jug.

I hoped the ferocious hunger I felt meant I was shedding pounds, like maybe one per minute. I had determined not to eat breakfast that morning to cut some calories. (Now, please don't lecture me on the health hazards of skipping breakfast. I know how terrible it is to do that, but it's a bigger health risk to be overweight, with my risk for diabetes and skipping breakfast is the only way I have been successful in dieting for the past two years.) Yesterday I had caved and eaten a bowl of oatmeal so my system expectantly demanded I feed it this morning also.

I declined Mister's generous offer and mentally patted myself on the back for standing strong. At last, I made it through the snack food prep, got the stuff stowed in baggies, got Mister his coat and loaded everything into the van.

At Play group, Mister suddenly forgot his intention of being generous and he pushed a little friend off the play steps. Why of all mornings he decided to act out on this morning when I felt so famished I wanted to bite the heads off tacks, I have no idea. In a gesture of pity, the co-op leader made a pot of coffee and offered me some.

Snack time came and Mister once again offered me some of his snack. It must be genetic. Hubby too has a knack for getting the most delicious-looking snacks and storing them in the cupboard or munching them just before bed, I assume to test my willpower and make me grow spiritually in trusting God that I won't commit murder in my starving, wasting away state. Well, at least my brain tells me I am wasting away. The bathroom scale laughs at this notion and stubbornly stays at exactly the same weight I have been since Christmas.

Again I declined Mister's snack and encouraged him to eat it. He did and also drank about 6 cups of the aforementioned juice, resulting in a really nasty potty chair incident later in the morning. Stomach still growling in protest, I picked up Curly from Preschool, drove home and then... oh yippeee... fixed their lunches. Homemade bread... cheese slices.... fresh fruit.... I had a hard time not drooling on their little red plates. They ate, they pottied, they had their story, they went to bed.

Then it was finally my turn. At last. I microwaved a pot pie and sat savoring every salty bite.

Dieting. My thorn in the flesh. My humility and cross to bear. But I have to say, I did not eat up Little Mister's snack!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Of Hemp Fest and Fried Sandwiches

The park near our house boasts three festivals that waft music through the neighborhood. The first to come dancing in, celebrating the spring and bringing hoards of tye-dye wearing, dreadlock sporting hippies, is Hemp Fest.

All day as I played with the kids and sat on the couch quilting during naptime I listened to the selections of world music and watched crowds of people walking by. Some stopped and took pictures of our house. That was a sensation I have never experienced before.

This morning we hired a highschooler from church to come help us get the springtime chores done. Although Hubby is perfectly capable of getting the storm windows down and the air conditioners up himself, this kid is raising money to go play in the Macy's Day Parade so we paid him to help Hubby for the morning. While he was here, the kids and I walked to the annual quilt show at the fairgrounds then on to the grocery store where I got deluxe sandwich ingredients.

Tonight, with the door open to the soft spring air, I decided that the sandwiches were so good at lunch time I'd repeat the act. This time, cooking some bacon to put on them, I fried each sandwich in the bacon grease until they qualified for what Hubby calls a "gut bomb". Needless to say they tasted fantastic.

Tonight I think Curly and I will walk downtown to the community theater's presentation of "The Secret Garden". Hubby and Mister have big plans to bake a loaf of fresh bread.

With the warming of the weather, our little community comes vibrantly alive and we, in our quaint cottage, sit right in the center of it. Finally I can let myself look ahead to the summer and the sunny days, the hours of playing in the park and summer reading programs at the Library. At last I dare to hope that winter will retreat gracefully until next year.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dog Meets Kitten

The kittens don't care for Piper's playful advances. They arch their tiny backs, fluff their baby fur and spit little tiny snarls at her. She, in turn, cowers away from these baby fluffballs as if they were actually ferocious. Perhaps it's the fact that if baby cries, Mama Cat comes sailing in and gives Piper a lethal scratch on the nose for worrying her babies.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spotlight on Curly Miss

For my homeschool journal, I made a little video of Curly showing some of her favorite things and a little of the schoolwork she is doing right now. Then I thought maybe the grandparents would like to see it too, so I'm going to go ahead and post it on my blog as well.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sorting Things Out

Little Mister and I went a bit early to pick up Curly from Preschool and I was able to stand in the sunshine on the playground and chat with her teacher. I mentioned what Curly had said yesterday and she explained that it was the music teacher who had talked up the whole "going to school next year" thing. She could see that Curly was a bit upset so had planned to talk to her about it.

I was relieved, to say the least. Yet another reason I adore Teacher M. Rather than "selling" their school, she honestly does what is best for each child. She promised that she would try her best to include our plans to homeschool when talking to the kids about next year. She also told me about a few other options I didn't know, such as one of the private schools that accepts kids early into Kindergarten (although I doubt we'll go that route).

I still have a lot of reservations as to the success of our endeavor. I'm certainly still open to having Curly in school at some point. Guess we'll see how things go.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

School Frustration

Curly still goes to Preschool three days a week. She is completely in love with her preschool teacher, as indeed she has been since she began attending a little over a year ago. We love her too; she's a fantastic teacher and very good at listening and welcoming parents as well.

Next year we are in a quandary about what to do. Teacher, the beloved Teacher has been prepping the kids for going into the next teacher's class. Curly is under the impression that she will go to the next teacher's class with the kids that are there now, kids who were in her class last Spring when she first started Preschool a little early. She has been in a sort of grief all year that she wasn't allowed to be in their class.

Now, when Teacher announced that she would be going to that class next year, Curly was overjoyed. She has chattered happily for a week about finally being in their class again like she used to be.

The trouble is, we actually had not even planned to put her back in Preschool at all. Though the school is fine, it is a little on the spendy side for a glorified play group and I had hoped to test drive a homeschool program. When I tried to explain it to her, she cocked her head at me and said, "I don't think you know how it actually works, Mommy."

This morning we had a long talk. Even if she does go to that Preschool, she won't be in her old friends' class. They will have moved on to Kindergarten. The obvious question came next. "Why couldn't I go to Kindergarten too?" Oh Curly, why indeed? I explained about birthdays and the cutoff date. She protested that she would be five, the right age for Kindergarten.

I had a really hard time convincing her that it was simply impossible. Plus it fuels my ire at the American school system that inflexibly shuffles kids through the grades based solely on age and that doggone September 1st cutoff date.

Hubby made the comment last night that if public schools didn't stick to the cutoff date, they would probably be barraged with parents sticking their kids in school too early as a method of free daycare. Although it makes me sick, I think he is probably right.

Right now I am so fed up with the problem of schools I don't know what to do. She was nearly in tears this morning at the thought of not getting to go to school with her friends. The expectation is so high that she will move on to the next preschool then will go on to the public Kindergarten that when her teacher tells it to her, she can't imagine doing anything else. I've tried to talk to her about her friends who are doing school at home and other friends going to different schools. She will have none of it. Beloved Teacher has spoken and thus it shall be.

Not only does my extrovert daughter have all these school expectations, but Little Mister is tending toward the opposite extreme, a little introvert. He wanted to stay home from Playgroup yesterday to play with his blocks. I can picture him in the future dreading school and insisting we stay home. Maybe I'll end up with her in school and keeping him at home to learn. Who knows. He will change before it is time to think about school and what it right now won't be right then.

For now, Curly is still chattering on about going to the next class in Preschool. The best I can do is "maybe". I tried to explain to her, but I think she believes her teacher instead.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Took The Plunge

Well, I did it. I put an ad up for the kittens. Although I'd love to keep them all I don't think I can handle five cats. So we're keeping one (Nutmeg) and giving the rest away. I hope I can find good homes for them where they will be well-looked after.

They are just beginning to enter the playful stage. They wrestle with one another but they don't chase things yet. I tried giving one some milk, but Cinnamon didn't want to share while the kitten was more interested in walking in it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Preparations for Easter

Easter crept up on me this year, surprising me. Somehow, I didn't expect it to be so soon, what with all of the waiting for our adopted baby and keeping up with two busy preschoolers. But here it is and finally we did a few things to make it a special celebration.

This week I read the story of the Crucifixion and Resurrection out of their little cartoon Bible. They still aren't old enough to have a really in-depth conversation about it, but I tried to put a little of it into their level of language. We talked about how the bad things we do cause pain and unhappiness and how Jesus died to take that pain for us. Then He came back to life again three days later.

Curly has already asked Jesus to live in her heart and she was trying to figure out how exactly that works so we discussed the Holy Spirit too. She was surprisingly accepting of the whole thing; I think the "mysteries withheld from the wise but revealed unto babes" was at work here.

The next activity of importance was baking Easter cookies with Daddy. Last night he mixed up a batch of home-made sugar cookie dough and the kids helped roll it out, use the cookie cutters and of course put the sprinkles on!

Of course, dyeing Easter eggs is always great fun. The kids eagerly dipped eggs in the cups and exclaimed over the pretty colors. Sticking the stickers on the eggs also made for lots of eager smiles.