Sunday, March 1, 2009

Little Thoughtful Things

Recently the little circle of friends whose blogs I read has had a charming theme. Several women, in completely unrelated posts, have shared little thoughtful things their husbands have done for them. Silly little things, really. For instance, KL (who doesn't want her blog shared) told how her husband when given the choice of two plates from their cupboard will always give her the nicer one. Ann told two stories this week, one about her husband taking a few extra minutes to clean the muddy driver's side window of her car and another recounting how he rescued her dropped hide-a-key from under their porch (Thanks, Ann, now I know how to break into your house!).

It got me thinking tonight as I reached for the bottle of NyQuil intending to drug my oncoming cold and pending migraine headache into oblivion. The bottle was new but instead of having to wrestle with the box and plastic shrink-wrap and silver inner seal, the bottle was sitting primly in the cupboard with its clean plastic dosing cup overturned on top of it. My husband had readied the bottle for use several weeks ago when he bought it, taking the time in the midst of putting away all the store items to do this.

It's those little thoughtful things they do that make us wives and moms and uber-hormonal-maniacs feel so loved. Thanks, Bear, you're the best. :)

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  1. You may know how to get into my house but do you know where my house is. Probably ;) but the hide a key has moved as that place under the house proved less than helpful.

    Those plastic rings can be so frustrating, especially when you want relief now. Way to go Matt! Our husbands rock!