Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cute, Cuddly and Getting Bigger!

Kittens grow so fast. Even though their eyes still are not open, and they pretty much just sleep in a pile, they have doubled their size then doubled it again. Cinnamon is a wonderful Mommy, feeding and cleaning them, rarely leaving them even to go eat.

Once in a while it's like she goes stir crazy, though. She'll suddenly start wandering around meowing, wanting pets, wanting to go upstairs, wanting to go outside, then come right back in. She soon settles down and goes back to her kittens. It kind of cracks me up because remembering back to MY nursing days, I can really relate. When Little Mister nursed, I used to call him my "barnacle" because it felt as though he was hanging onto me 24/7 and sometimes I wanted to get away SO badly, but as soon as I did I missed him dreadfully. It looks like Cinnamon feels the same way!

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